Our business is an expression of who I am, a maker, an innovator and a self-taught chef.
— Christine, Founder of O o m p h

Our Story

After working for 20 years in research, design and innovation the development of Oomph Cooking Blends grew organically from my experience in our family's kitchen.  Several years ago we found ourselves on a journey to alleviate our daughter's eczema and allergies.  The heart of this path was and still is food.  We set out to find an answer, a way to help our daughter.  What we found transformed us all.  Food and the way we engage with food has shaped our family and formed something so much deeper and more profound than we could have imagined.  We are grateful for our challenges, they help reveal our true selves.  On this journey we discovered a fun and easy way to boost nutrition and flavor by using dehydrated vegetables that were ground or powdered.  Oomph sprouted up in our kitchen during a dehydration experiment and has grown through more exploration and testing.  We are happy to share this with you.  We know it takes time to shop, plan, cook, eat and clean up and we know every little bit helps.  Our products allow you to easily add flavor, nutrients and healthy ingredients when you need a boost with no chopping and no cleanup.  

My family loves them and I hope you will too!

Eat Well, Be Well !   

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"My passions collide beautifully in the making of Oomph Cooking Blends.”

I believe; 

  • We should all eat fresh, healthy foods without additives

  • We should all spend as much time as we can making our own scratch-made food with family and friends

  • We should be prepared; from a stint without power to the unannounced dinner guests

  • We should have fun and explore; flavors and foods in the kitchen, passions and curiosities in life