Oh Duxelles. My Umami.


French cooking brings us a magical blend of mushrooms, intensely flavorful shallots and bright, nutritious parsley.  Begin by placing a pat of butter to a sauté pan, over a low to medium heat.  Add 1tsp to 1Tbsp of Duxelles to the melting butter.  The aroma that begins to develop is unlike each of its parts alone.  You can almost taste it as it wafts pass your nose.  Salivation will follow.  Gently cook the aromatics for 2 minutes.  Now, you can toss in the ingredients for your meal or just grab some warm bread smear some warm buttery duxelles and top with sea salt.  Either way, enjoy.  

Our Duxelles is a blend of  shitake and crimini mushrooms, shallots and flat leaf parsley.  All organic, no salt, no additives.