Chicken Roulade a la Ricechamel

Chicken Roulade with Ricechamel

Boneless skinless thighs 
Pounded thin with culinary hammer lightly salted 
6 mushrooms sliced into thin batons 
2 tablespoons fresh parsley 
1 scallion thinly diced 
2 teaspoons Oomph No.1 Duxelles Blend 

2 inches of bacon cut from full 8oz slab  
1 piece of crusty bread 
2 pats of butter 
2 tablespoons micro planed sharp cheese 
1/2 teaspoon pepper 
* cook bacon until crispy then chop into bits 
* use bacon fat and 1 pat butter to cook mushrooms 
* crush toasted bread into crumbs 
* bloom Oomph Duxelles with 1 pat of butter 
* add all filling into bowl and toss until well blended. 
* add a solid scoop filling on flattened thigh then roll and toothpick 
or lasso with cooking twine 
In skillet that bacon was cooked add a knob of butter and brown exterior  
of roulades 
Make sure to get great color on all sides. 
After browned add to baking dish and cook at 375 for 15 +/- minutes 
and bring to temperature 165 degrees 
2 Tbsp. of white rice 
2 tsp. Oomph No. 5 Three Star Blend 
3 pats butter 
1/2 teaspoon white pepper optional 
* grind in mortar and pestle or pulse in processor into fine powder 
* use white sauce building technique with butter, rice powder and Three Star powder then add 1 cup milk incrementally 
* salt to taste 
* add broth to thin and achieve proper silkiness