Creamed pearl Onions with Battuto copy.jpg

Creamy Pearl Onions with Herby Battuto Blend


  • Creamed Pearl Onions

    • 2 bags of pearl onions

    • 1 cup heavy cream

    • 1 generous tsp of Herby Battuto Blend ( Duxelles or Sofrito would work amazing as well!)

    • 1/4 tsp salt

    • Peel onions

      • Slice off both ends

      • Put and X in the large end with a paring

      • Blanch for 1 min and then run under cold water

      • Slip off skins

      1. Put peeling onions into a sauce pan with all other ingredients

      2. Simmer on medium until cream reduces to a thick sauce (about25-30 min)

    • Serve warm