Frequently Asked Questions


What are Cooking Blends?

From humble beginnings amazing flavors emerge. Specific aromatic blends are used as a foundation of flavor in cooking.  Almost every culture has their own unique combination of aromatics.  For instance, in France they use Mirepoix and Duxelles, in Asia they use a vibrant combination of ginger, garlic and scallions that we call Three Star Blend.  From Italy to Louisiana we can change the complete flavor profile of a dish just by adding a different aromatic blend.

How do I use Oomph Cooking Blends?

Our Cooking Blends can be used in any dish to change or enliven the flavor profile.  Add them to soups or sauces, create dips or spreads, use in burgers or vegetable stir-fry.  Toss some Mirepoix or Three Star into rice or quinoa while cooking and go from plain to spectacular!  Melt some butter in a pan and add Duxelles, the aroma will make your mouth water and your mind come to life with cooking ideas.  Experiment with Oomph and you will be rewarded with profound deliciousness.

We recommend starting with 1 Tsp -  1Tbsp for 2 - 4 person dishes and more for larger quantities.  Adding the aromatics in at the beginning of the cooking process will allow the flavor to fully infuse into the dish.  You can also try adding them to butter or oil for aminute to help release their aromas before you beginning cooking.  Bon Appetit!! 

Free of pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals and Non-GMO?

Although we are not yet organically certified our products are 100% natural and free of pesticides, chemicals and heavy metals as well as non-GMO. 

Ordering wholesale?

Please contact us via email with the word WHOLESALE in the subject line. We look forward to speaking with you. 

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